Renew oneself through recreation, reconnecting with nature and relaxing…
Each Glamping Package includes your group’s choice of one activity each day you are our guest:

Fly Fishing on the Selway River

Fishing on the wild and scenic Selway River and its tributaries is astounding!  It’s beauty and remote location coupled with absence of fishing pressure make it one of the best native west slope cutthroat fisheries in the west. Your guide will offer you as much assistance as you would like, whether beginner or experienced. You will not likely see another fisherman outside of your party while you navigate the crystal clear waters of this wilderness river. A hearty lunch is prepared and sent with you for your enjoyment.

For more fishing, see the gallery.

A Wilderness Trail Ride on Horseback

Available as Day Rides or as part of a Glamping Adventure. Gentle mountain horses are saddled and waiting for you after breakfast. An experienced guide leads you on a spectacular mountain trail with breathtaking views of Idaho and Montana mountain ranges and fields of wildflowers. Learn the local lore of those who blazed the trails before you as well as names of wildflowers, kinds of trees and wildlife in the area. Your guide will serve you a lovely picnic lunch on the trail.

hiking in high alpine mountain ridge selway wilderness

Hiking Trails and Off-Trail

Whether you choose a Mountain or River Trail, the beauty of the wilderness you’ll behold is breathtaking and historic. Perhaps you would enjoy retracing the steps of native Indians on a portion of the Historic Nez Perce Trail. This state line trail runs along a ridge serving as the Montana / Idaho border. It travels through a series of high mountain meadows with a panoramic view of the Selway and Frank Church Wilderness areas.

The Upper Selway River Trail navigates a deep canyon winding along the Wild and Scenic Selway River. Much of the trail is shaded with lush foliage and wild raspberry and thimbleberry bushes. There are great photo opportunities from high rock outcroppings as the trail leaves the river, gifting expansive views.


Photography Tours

Hundreds of photography opportunities are just a click away. The Selway Wilderness includes stunning views of sun washed granite slides, deep woods, indigo Idaho skies, blooming bear grass, mountain lupine, and Indian paintbrush. Clear as glass waters are easy to find, especially when our guides are packing your gear and lunch for you, either on horseback or on foot. Our guides can also lead you to spots few have trod.


Backcountry Adventure

Bring your sleeping bag, clothes and personal items and Storm Creek supplies the rest. Venture deep into the wilderness where rarely will you lay eyes on another human other than those in your party. The tents and camping gear are packed on our trusty mules and our guests ride our steady mountain horses. The guides set up your tents and cook for you along the way. They are also happy to saddle up your horses in the morning and hand you the reins. Some awesome fishing awaits as well as unparalleled scenery and wildlife viewing. This trip is a memory maker!

Learning Fun

compass, gps devices

Mountain Orienteering

Worried about getting lost in the woods? Would you know what to do if your GPS died?
We will teach you some basic orienteering skills. The session includes the following:

  • Compass basics
  • How to read a topographical map
  • Observe surroundings and relate reality to map representations
  • Understand map scale
  • GPS basics, advantages and limitations
  • The class will end by applying what you learn with a treasure hunt.
  • Customized classes are available based on skill level

people on horseback in idaho wilderness

Mountain Horsemanship

There is nothing quite like sitting atop your horse, on top of a mountain, your eyes stretching for miles, distracted only by glistening pine needles and wisps of clouds. Get lost in the pleasure of the great expanse surrounding you. Mountain trail rides in the wilderness are awesome. Learn to navigate rough country without putting yourself or your animals’ lives at risk.

  • Be Prepared / Safety
  • Horse Equipment / Knots
  • Saddlebag Checklist
  • Backcountry Trail Etiquette
  • Horses versus Mules
  • Leave No Trace Principals